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  • Venky's Assert BCAA Powder

    • Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): Venky's Assert BCAA Powder is a powdered BCAA supplement. BCAAs are essential amino acids that your body needs to build and repair muscle tissue. They are also important for muscle growth and recovery.
    • 5.19 Grams of BCAAs per Serving: According to the information on the label, each serving of Venky's Assert BCAA Powder contains 5.19 grams of BCAAs.
    • Additional Ingredients: The label lists L-Glutamine (2.5g) and Citrulline (1.0g) as additional ingredients.
    • Watermelon Flavor: The flavor of the Venky's Assert BCAA Powder in the image is watermelon, but other flavors may be available.
    • 450 Gram Container: The container in the image is 450 grams.


    ₹1,799.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,259.30Sale Price

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